Cotton V Polyester

A lot of clients ask for cotton believing it to be more 'Eco' than friendly than Polyester.

Polyester is more popular in Athleisurewear. This is because it is simply better for its abiltiy to wick away odours. Cotton is lovely for Yoga but not great for running. Each has its own uses.

Cotton is also great for sensitive skin, remember cotton will shrink with the first wash - so don't just throw in a hot wash, cold is best (for both fabrics)

The popular belief is cotton is more eco-friendly.  Recent studies show this is debateable. 

Biodegradable: Cotton will break down over time. However cotton isn't as durable as polyester & won't last as long.  Polyester is more stain-resistant & retains its shape longer. 

Truthfully both have an impact on the environment. So really 'cost per wear' is what to remember.

The production of cotton can be as bad for the environment as manmade fibres. Mainly due to the amount of water & chemicals being used to produce it. In athleisurewear companies, the good news is they use recycled bottles in their production.

The simple truth issue is we are consuming too much - buy better, don't buy cheap throw away items. 
If you buy expensive athleisure wear don't just wear it to the gym, it can be worn everyday with items. Ask us for advice if you can't manage to get this right!

Also please please wash is as per instructions on the garment - this way you get your moneys worth.

Still unsure - Below is a great article on Cotton V Plastic: