Going Green


Transitioning into a more sustainable lifestyle doesn’t happen overnight. In fact, when people approach it from an ‘all or nothing’ standpoint, that’s when expectations fall short and feelings of failure set in. I believe every little bit counts. Doing SOMETHING to help the planet is better than nothing at all, and imagine the difference we would make if we ALL did a little something. Nobody is perfect, so don’t strive for perfection. Strive for progress.

Here's how to try to reduce your consumption of single-use plastic. 

At first this task will take some thought and planning, but once you get the hang of things it will become second nature. The most common single-use plastic goods are plastic water bottles, disposable coffee cups/ lids, plastic straws, plastic grocery bags, plastic utensils, and the list goes on.

Try swapping out the below:

  • Swap plastic water bottles for a resuable water bottle - we sell LOLE water Thermo bottles, that come with a very handy carry strap. 
  • Swap disposable coffee cups for a resuable coffee tumbler.
  • Swap plastic straws for a paper straw or better still ditch straws entirely.
  • Swap plastic grocery bags for a reusable bag. We are actually pretty good at this one - since we 'forced' to pay 22 cent a bag!!
  • Swap plastic utensils for a bamboo when you’re on-the-go, and don’t forget to tell the restaurant not to send utensils with your take away meal.


Before deciding whether to purchase something, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Cost per wear - the good old Japanese way - how often are you going to wear it? The more you wear it, the cost per use reduces.
  • Is this an item of quality, will it last?
  • Does this item add value to my life?
  • Does this item make my life easier or better in some way?


  • One of the easiest ways to do your part and go green is to recycle. Don't just throw it away. Winter & Summer I will clean out my wardrobe. Assess what I will wear & keep. However no matter how hard I try there are always a few pieces I just no longer want &/or need. So first decision - can it be sold?! If not - it is given away or donated!  Easy peasy. All that hoarding comes to nothing you can never find it when you need it anyway!!