How & Why you should wear Athleisure this Winter


Now that Autumn is well & truly here - you will automatically throw a jumper on before leaving the house!

However here are 7 TIPS to looking & feeling your best self this Autumn/Winter.

1. Create a colour story: Switch it up. If you have a black top, wear burgundy, army, or grey leggings. Throw on a fleece/hoodie/cashmere jumper - the eternal classic look for everyday.  Who dresses up anymore anyway...

2. Go Outside: No such thing as bad weather just wrong gear! Wrap up & just get out that door, don't think about how cold it is, once you get moving you will warm up. You will then actually enjoy the cold. Don't wait, until its time for another New Years Resolution. By then you will be suffering from SAD. Throw on your comfy (preferably our trendy) activewear! In this cold weather why would you actually want to wear anything else?

3.  Take advantage of the sports bra season!: You heard me! Winter has it's perks, but the best one is that you can wear a sports bra every day and get away with it. 

4. If you are hitting the gym - maybe you have a gym membership and prefer to be indoors. Well this is just no excuse not to look good! Throw away those old tees  & out of shape leggings - if you feel good, you will work harder, admit it you know this is if female intuition, make this your catwalk!

5. Wear leggings with boots: As the leaves fall and the boots come out! When you wear boots with leggings, the outfit automatically dresses up. You will be comfortable all day and night, while still looking fab!! Remember cost per wear, now your luxury leisurewear is almost cost free!

6. If you don't believe me - just read the research, you willl keep you doctor happy as you stroll past his door looking lovely & fresh!

7. Now that we have established that Athleisure is perfect for autumn/winter, head straight down to Skulpt for the widest selection of independent athleisure and activewear brands. ...(ok...we’re biased 😊)