Washing Whites


Want to wear white this summer but need to keep it white... Here are a few tips.

Polyester is a breathable and stretchy fabric, which makes it great for sports and athletic wear. White polyester can make your sports gear stand out, on a team or even on the road at night, but it can also start to yellow and look dirty after a few washes.  Keeping white polyester sports clothes white is easy with a few extra steps when washing them.


We have a few more tips

For an unwanted stain.

You need fairy washing up liquid. Do not wet the fabric. Pour a small amount of fairy directly on to the stain DO NOT PREWET THE FABRIC. So yes the fabric is dry! Let the green liquid soak in for approximately 3-5 minutes (yes, time it!). Then rinse the stain, which now looks very green (without rubbing the fabric), just keep rinsing with cold water.

This should lift the stain. 


Don't sweat it. Those yellow stains in the armpits and around the collar of your favorite white T-shirts aren't a sign that you are not cleaning properly.

These areas are just harder to get clean and are made up of just old perspiration and dirt.

Undissolved deodorants may be a culprit, too. If you have hard water, the deodorant residue (and soap and perspiration) can't wash out properly. Here is a method for removing those sweat stains

Mix 1 quart water with 4 tablespoons salt. Sponge this mixture onto the stained area, then repeat until the stain disappears. Wash as usual. This is the recommended technique, I usually just soak in in water with salt for about 30 minutes!