Jasmine - Pure Silk Thermal Neck Long Sleeve Top - Black

€25 €65

Acting almost like a second layer of skin, these ladies’ pure silk black thermal tops are the ideal piece to wear during the cooler months to keep you toasty warm. Silk is naturally a temperature regulating material, meaning that it easily keeps your body warm and cool when necessary. This silk piece can be worn as underwear, or on its own as outerwear.

Made from 100% charmeuse Mulberry silk, allowing for only the highest quality.

These silk thermal tops are able to be washed at 30 degrees, tumble dried on a low temperature and ironed inside out.

In our opinion size down if you want to wear as a base layer.

Like all other Jasmine Silk products, these tops are easily cared for. Simply machine wash at 30°C and tumble dry on a low temperature. To remove any creasing, carefully cool iron from the inside.

Over centuries, silk has been valued for its health benefits for the skin. Silk also creates warmth and protection without weight or bulk. It has a natural wicking motion moving hand perspiration away from the hand's surface.

Mulberry silk is a perfect choice for those who suffer with allergies as it is not only hypoallergenic, but is made from a natural substance without fragrance or odour, making it kind to all skin types. 

Can be hand-washed and are machine washable at maximum 30°C. Be sure to use a gentle, non-biological silk detergent, avoiding any products containing bleach.

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