Mature Ha

Mature Ha. Japanese Boxed Hat - Foldable


Brand Mature ha.

Hand-made Japanese hats.

These summer hats suit everybody - they are foldable. The brim is adjustable and the hat folds into 3!  Perfect companion on holidays, easy to fit in your handbag or suitcase.  

Material hemp 74%, linen 26%, organic cotton 100%(ribbon part), ribbon silk 100% (tie)

Size 57.5cm (inner circumference)

Length of brim 10.5cm(front), 9cm(back)

Made in Kobe, Japan

Bend to suit any shape face.  

hemp 72% , linen 28%


57.5cm, brim length: 6.5cm

Very subtle - a tiny little silk thread is on each hat (where the ribbon tie around the hat) In Green, Red and Steel. We will send out whatever colour is available at time of order.

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