Yoga Paws

Yoga Paws - Skin Thin


Offering a Barefoot/Barehand feeling.
So soft you're not even sure where you end and the Paws begin.

Perfect for those who just can't get enough Mat grip, or handy for those days travelling & no mat is available to you.

Due to Covid19, we can no longer accept a return on this item, these gloves are now final sale.

Unsure of size, see our tips below. YogaPaws HANDS

YogaPaws FEET

**FULL SETS (Hands and Feet Packages) of YogaPaws compliment each other.  90% of customers will wear the same size in hands and feet.  

Sizing Tips

  • Finding the perfect fit requires factoring in the width and thickness of the foot, not the length/shoe size. On the first fit, YogaPaws Hands and Feet should feel tight. They will stretch to their final fit in 1-3 hours of wear. The chart above will give a snug fit after stretching.

  • Size #1 Women's XS is for all those really petite Yogi's out there.

  • Size #2 Women's Small/Regular -- this size fits most women.

  • Size #3 Women's Large is for women that have wide hands and feet and who also have a tendency to buy wide shoes and large gloves.

  • Size #3 Men's Small is a for men who have a narrow foot, and wear a small glove.

  • Size #4  Men's Regular/Large is a one-size-fits-most for Men and it is our goal that this size will fit the majority of the male demographic.

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For hygiene purposes this item is not returnable.




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