Vaincourt La Gracieuse Court Belt in Black


La Gracieuse corset belt stands out thanks to its horsebit buckle and its mix of pebbled and smooth leather, making it look slightly two tone but its just the mix of leathers types.  Comfortable yet daring, this belt will perfectly highlight your waist.

As always from Vaincourt only the best of leathers are used.  

  • Leather belt with saddle stitching 
  • 60mm Width
  • Adjustable fit 
  • Calf leather/brass
  • Vegetable tanning leather lining 
  • Do not iron, wipe clean
  • Made in France

Size Guide

How to measure your belt size in 4 easy steps: 

  1. Measure your waist or the place where plan on using or usually wear your belts.
  2. Use a measuring tape to do this. Measure the place where you plan to wear the belt on top of your clothes. This is important as the extra sizing from the clothes will be the perfect fit. 
  3. Alternatively, measure an existing belt you own or you’re wearing. You should measure the belt from the fold (which is the part where the buckle and the leather meet), to the hole where you are currently wearing the belt. For belt sizing, the size of the belt is always from the fold to the middle hole on the other side. NOTE: If you measure the belt from one side to the end of the other you will not get the right length. 
  4. Convert the size measured into the desired international belt size.
  5. Alternatively Put on a items of clothing that fits well and stand in a relaxed position. Then wrap a soft tape measure through the belt loops so the tape is snug but not too tight. This measurement is your belt size. You may need to round up to the nearest even-numbered inch. Remember for denims you usually wear a larger size belt.


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